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1. Introduction

Staying safe is more important than ever. In this section you will find safety tips and rules to protect your privacy and learn how to avoid scams, abuse and more related threats.

1.1. We advertise escorts on our website

And nothing more. There is no booking or recommendation, this site is just a platform to share ads and thoughts on this subject. You can freely use the services of the site until you doesn't hurt our terms and conditions.

1.2. Contact details

We will send you and e-mail or private message if we want to get in touch with you. We will never ask you for your password or any personal information, it's all up to you to share them with the others. If someone ask you for any of your personal information (except phone number and things like that) please stay safe and don't give them to him/her.

1.3. Payment services

We won't ask you to pay anything if you are using one or more of our free service(s). If someone ask you to pay in our name and you didn't changed anything on your ads please ignore the message and/or contact us. We will never charge your card without your permission and you have to confirm all payments in our system.

2. Staying safe

In the list below you will find useful info about your privacy, about the anatomy of the site and more tips. In nutshell we recommend you to not to give your private phone number or email address because the internet never forgets.

Disallowing countries

Safe browsing