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User (Customer, Advertisers) can pay for various advertising campaigns including but not limited to the following: highlighting in profiles listing, highlighting in classified ads listing, banner campaign, improving an ad's position.

The cost of purchasing can vary according to the products, which prices are listed on the ratecard.

Payment options can be found on the advertising page as well as on the related help pages. Paying services, features or products have no recurring option which means that only the Advertiser is responsible for keep their campaigns running.

_Purchasing Credits
Customers can buy Credits which can be purchased in advance before spending them for any services, products or features.

What are credits

_Credits are not real world currency or any type of financial instrument and are not redeemable for any sum of money or any similar value at any time.

Credits can be used within the boundaries of The Site only.


Delivery_ happens immediately over the internet therefore the right of withdrawal does not apply as it would do in the case of ordering physical goods. Advertiser always has the control on how much credits they want to buy.

All prices include VAT or service fees if nothing else is told.

Once Advertiser adds credits to their account they understand and agree that the amount is no longer real money.


Payment Processing_

All payments are processed securely through payment providers(paysafecard,...). We accept payments 24/7. No thirdparty payments will be accepted and The Site reserves the right to reject any payment at any time.

The Site does not store any credit card information on it's servers. About stored data and protection you can read in our privacy policy

_Refund Policy

_We want to keep our users satisfied as possible by providing a constantly improving service. Since paying for different virtual goods on The Site is only possible by using Credits We provide a special refund solution: if the advertiser changes their mind and has not transferred any credits from their own account (including but not limited to highlighting ads, paying for advertising campaigns, transferring for other users, etc.) the whole amount of the most recent transaction can be refunded to the originally used payment source by the Customer. In such case Advertiser has to contact us beforehand by sending an e-mail to info@sex-tjejer.com. No further Advertising Services will be provided to The Advertiser until this amount has been paid in full.

If the original payment source is unable to accept refunds (such as voucher systems) we shall refund the payment to a given bank account povided be The Advertiser.

Customers may get Coupons after purchasing Credits. Coupons are not matter of the Refund Policy which means Advertiser's Coupon Points will not be transferred in the case of refunding.

The Site (We, sex-tjejer.com, The Service Provider) may change its fees and payment methods from time to time. If any change is unacceptable to you, you may want to cancel your account at any time. In this case we will not refund any fees that have accrued to your account before such cancellation and will not pro-rate fees for any charges.