****1. How can I register?**- Follow the given link and fill in the entries

2. I am already a registered user but cannot log in with my data. What’s the problem?- You have mistyped your data. Check it again if they are correct and try again.- You have been blocked from the webpage for some reason. This may be why you cannot log in.

3. I must be blocked from the webpage as my data are correct and I cannot log in. What should I do?
- Get in touch with the support team to find out why you are blocked.

**4. Is it important to give an active and real email address when I am registering?
**- Yes, it is very important because even the activation of advertisement requires confirmation via a system email. Moreover we get in touch with our advertiser via email.
5. How can I delete my account or my ads?
**- Only admins are allowed to do it. Please contact the customer support.

**6. I have just registered but I cannot make comment on the page. What’s the problem?
**- Each new registration is subject to data analysis before receiving complete user confirmation. During the analysis, commentary function is not available. Analysis takes 0-3 hours, but in special cases it can be several days.

**7. How can I handle my data and my ad?
- Log in and scroll the mouse (or by touch in mobile view) onto the little man icon, which is on the right side of the menu bar. Directing links to the interfaces can be found in the submenu opening from the menu.


8. **How can I make an advertisement?
**- Follow the link, choose which type you want (profile, classy, ​​banner), then fill in the entries implicitly and upload your photos, etc.

9. I cannot upload photos onto my profile and the uploaded ones do not turn up in the profile editor. What’s the problem?
- For some reason your photo upload is blocked. It’s likely that you have used prohibited photo. By all means get in contact with the support team for further instructions.

10. I cannot edit my profile and status text. What’s wrong?
- For some reason the edit option is blocked. It’s likely you have used prohibited text. By all means get in contact with the support team for further instructions.

11. There is no phone number on my profile. What’s the problem?
- Your free of charge period time expired. In case of new activation or purchased profile advertisement the contact phone number on the profile is available for 24 hours after the expiry. After 24 hours the system hides the phone number. In order to display the phone number again you have to upload your profile with credits equivalent with minimum one day standard profile charge (3 credits)

12. My profile is paused and I cannot restart it and edit my details. What’s the problem?
-The system automatically hides and closes all those profiles that have not been uploaded with credits for further 24 hours after the 24 hours free of charge period.

13. I uploaded photos with unblurred face on my profile but they have been displayed with blur. Why?
-It is likely that you have not uploaded verifying photo so that our colleagues can check it is really you who is in the photos. You should be aware that photos with unblurred face can be only on verified profiles on our page.

14. In the upper-right corner of my main photo in the list an icon can be seen (a grey question mark, a blue tick, a green camera). What do they mean?
- On our webpage every profile picture is categorized according to the profile photos. By clicking on the nextlinkyou can get informed about the meaning of the different icons.

15. My profile is verified but the green camera icon in the right corner of my photo is dimmer. Why?
- On our page there are two types of photo verification. The ones in strong green colour are the completely verified photos. These advertisers have proved their identity with full body-size photos that is to say they look in the reality like in the photo. If someone has a dimmer green icon, she either has not uploaded such photo or she has uploaded but the resemblance between the photos is not enough to get full verification.

16. I had verified profile which is now in unique state. Why?
- Maybe you have uploaded a new photo and the support team have not verified yet. It is practical to know that if new photo is uploaded, verified profiles get unique state for the time they are being checked.

17. I have uploaded new photo and I have been in unique state for hours. Why?
- As our colleagues are quite busy, it may occur they lag behind with work. But it is more probable that it is not possible to decide undoubtedly about the newly uploaded, fresh photo that it is taken of you. In this case our colleagues do not take the responsibility of verification and only unique state is possible. 
Or you uploaded the new photo(s) outside of our office hours(after 22:00) and in this case there is no one in the office who check it. In this case it will be assisted in the next morning.

18. I have own photos but they are photographed in such angles that my face is not clearly seen. How can I get my photos verified in this case?
- In this case what is most necessary is your clothes in which the pictures are taken of you. If you are wearing the same pieces of clothes in the verifying photos as in the profile photos, the verification is possible.

19. I have made an advertisement with profile but I do not see it on the page. Why?
- Probably you have not sent a reply to our system message delivered while the profile was being made. You might know activation is not automatic on our page. Every user with profile has to get into contact with us prior to activation.

**20. How can I suspend or ‘pause’ my ad and what does it mean exactly?
**-If you pause your ad, it will remain active but it will not be listed on the page. In case of a paid advert the remaining time stops and is retained by the system. The time of your advert will be suspended until you reset it with the PLAY icon.
-To pause can be arranged in your own account in MY ADS menu with the red PAUSE icon. If your profile is IN PAUSED mode, instead of the PAUSE icon, the green PLAY one can be seen with which you can restart your profile.
**21. How can I change my name on my profile?
**- Only admins are authorized to do it. Please contact customer support


****22. How can I pay?
**- By paysafecard and via international bank transfer. Ask for details in e-mail. (Contact)

**23. In case of card payment, how long does it take to put the sum to my credits in my account?
**-Credit entry is transacted immediately if purchase is successful. If purchased credit does not appear in your account, please get in contact with the support team as soon as possible

24. How can I get refunded for the remaining time of my ad in form of credit in my account?-Your credits can be refunded by following the "refund credits" procedure. By following this link you can see the steps of the process: link


**25. I have written emails to the support teams repeatedly but I have not received any answer. What’s wrong?
-There can be two reasons: one is that the support team have not received your emails. The other is that you have not received the replies. Our support team answer to every email no later than one hour but usually much earlier. If you have not received reply within one hour then by all means try to get in touch with us through another email address of yours. Our recommended email server is Gmail, which gives 99% contact guarantee. Unreliable servers: yahoo, hotmail, outlook.


26. I have received negative review. Do I have the opportunity to delete it?**

- Naturally you may ask us to delete the unwished or malevolent and false reviews. After the request we will investigate the case carefully and delete the undoubtedly malevolent and fake reviews. Unfortunately to establish what is false and true is difficult due to bare information therefore there is low chance to delete unwanted reviews. Accepting the terms and conditions you agree to receive reviews, including the possibility to get negative comment. It is advisable to prepare for this case and try to answer in an appropriate form to defend yourself.

- If you answered the review defending yourself [(reading your contrary story a real contradiction can be recognizable (we mean the contrary text is not only short "we never met or it is fake") ] we change the status of the review for CONTROVERSIAL. In this case this review will not be counted in the avarage rating of your all reviews.

27. I have received a review and it is thought to be false. Why?**
- Our system carefully checks the details of the review writer’s and the reviewed. If there is the suspicion that the parties cooperate, this state is given to the review**

28. I have written review but I do not see it on the profile. What’s wrong?**
- Reviews are carefully examined prior to activation in order to issue real evaluation. In more difficult cases activation procedure may take up to 24 hours or more.**


29. I try to use the link recorded in my browser to enter the webpage but I receive the message that the sought webpage does not exist. What’s the problem?
**- Entering in the website with the recorded link in the browser does not work unless you have been logged in. You receive the “page not found” message because you are not logged in the webpage any more, and due to security reasons you are not allowed to log in an account as the system cannot identify you as a registered user in this way. The solution is to use the login button on the website. (so log in again and after you can use the link)

**30. My ad has been activated but I do not see it in the list. What’s the problem?
**- Check out if your profile hasn’t been hidden or paused.
Make sure if you are not listed in the other two sexes category. (In this case, please email us to change.)
Maybe the system has not refreshed the list yet. New activation takes the system maximum 7 minutes to put each ad on the list.